Traffic and Resources Policy

Our Policy on Traffic and Resources

We offer a generous traffic and resource limit, with flexibility and upgrade paths.

FreshStore has a flexible and generous resource usage policy, with clear and fair paths for when your websites increase in traffic and popularity.

Please note that the vast majority of users will not be affected by this policy. A typical FreshStore or WordPress website with additional plugins and substantial traffic will be well within the limits of this policy.

This resource usage policy typically applies if you are doing something unusual and intensive, like resizing images or processing video on a daily basis, or if you have extremely high traffic levels.

Monthly Traffic Allowance

We measure traffic to your website using page views – each visit to a page on your website or store is classed as a pageview.

Your website will receive page views from real people and automated “bots” and “spiders” such as the Googlebot.

The same person or bot may visit the same page multiple times. These are counted as individual page views.

Each store or website on FreshStore includes a minimum of 50,000 page views per month by default. If your website reaches this level your website will continue to be fully active as normal, and we may contact you to add additional traffic to your account.

Optimising Your Stores and Websites

If you are reaching the acceptable resource and traffic levels outlined in this policy, we will first help you to optimise your website or store.

The following is an example of the optimisations we will advise you on:

  • Enabling and improving caching
  • Blocking malicious traffic with IP ranges and honeypots
  • Auditing plugins and features enabled on your websites
  • Testing and optimizing your WordPress theme

Optimizing will greatly reduce the traffic and resources you are using.

Our Fair Use Policy

Resource Usage

Your website resource usage is the CPU and Memory used by your websites. Each website has access to a minimum of 1 vCore CPU and 2gb of RAM.

If your website consistently uses more resources than this, you may experience speed issues. In this situation, we will discuss optimising your website or offering additional upgrades to handle the extra usage.

In extreme cases, we may limit the resource usage on your website, pending an investigation. We also reserve the right to give you notice of closure of your account if we are unable to resolve resource usage issues.

As an example, some of the following may cause excess resource usage:

  • Regular image processing (e.g. resizing images, optimizing images etc.)
  • Regular video processing (e.g. rendering videos, optimizing videos etc.)
  • Automated WordPress plugins
  • Large and regular data processing (e.g. statistics)
  • Databases containing large amounts of data
  • WordPress eCommerce websites with high traffic
  • Website scraping, archiving etc.
  • Simulated Traffic including Traffic Sharing Schemes

Storage Space Usage

We have no set hard limit on storage space for your websites, but we expect that this falls within typical usage for a FreshStore or WordPress website.

If your account is using excessive storage space we will contact you to discuss and optimise your websites, and offer you alternatives if needed.

In extreme cases, we may limit the storage space on your account, or suspend your account entirely, pending an investigation. We also reserve the right to give you notice of closure of your account if we are unable to resolve storage usage issues.

Please note that the following is prohibited:

  • Storing/archiving photos and/or videos not intended for website use
  • Storing and providing downloads for large amounts of data
  • Scraping and storing websites
  • Allowing visitors/members to upload and store large amounts of data
  • Storing data backups and archives (with the exception of reasonable website backups)

Our Commitment to Transparency

We are committed to being transparent and clear about our traffic and resource usage policy.

Should you require extra traffic, your website will remain fully active as usual while we arrange the addon traffic as required.

If your website is using excessive resources, we will do our best to keep your website fully active as usual while we contact you with options.

If your website is using excessive storage space, your website will remain fully active as usual while we contact you for more information and to provide options.

In the event that we receive no response from you and/or the resources used are extremely high, we may be forced to limit your website, but are committed to avoiding this where possible.

Last Updated

This Traffic and Resources Policy was last updated on 5th April 2023.