Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Important Details for Affiliates

The following is our Terms and Conditions for all affiliates. This details everything you can and can't do as an affiliate.

Thank you for your interest in promoting FreshStore and becoming an affiliate.

We aim to build a mutually beneficial and trusting partnership. We will support you in every way possible to achieve your goals.

If you have any questions about being an affiliate of FreshStore, or would like any advice on how to promote, please contact us using the help icon found on this website.

PLEASE NOTE – This agreement is not for being an Amazon, eBay or any third party affiliate. Please contact support if you need some help in this area.

About this Affiliate Agreement

Each participant in the Affiliate Program (the “Affiliate”) offered by Fresh Labs (the “Merchant”) for any of the services offered on (the “Site”) expressly agrees to this affiliate agreement.

This Agreement has been designed to protect both the Merchant and Affiliate of the Site.

Please read carefully, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Affiliate Restrictions

  • No unsolicited emails. Emails sent must comply with CAN-SPAM
  • Affiliate links cannot be used for self-referral
  • Affiliate links cannot be used in a commission exchange between two or more parties
  • Automated website traffic is forbidden
  • Automated or incentivised traffic designed to manipulate competition rewards or commissions is forbidden
  • Paid advertising bids are not allowed on terms or brand names including, but not limited to, “FreshStore”, “Fresh Store”, “Fresh Labs”, “Fresh Store Builder” and “Fresh Store Instant”
  • No links to the Site from adult, gambling, or offensive websites
  • No registration and/or use of domains with our brand terms or any similar term contained within such domains
  • Must not disparage or misrepresent the Site in any way, in particular using words like “scam” or “rip-off”

The affiliate is responsible for all parties acting on their behalf.

Affiliate Agreement Conditions

The following conditions and responsibilities apply:


  • Solely responsible for ensuring that the Affiliate Link is set up correctly
  • For a sale to generate a commission to an Affiliate, the customer must complete the order form
  • Agrees to receive email or other electronic communications from the Site that can include important changes to the Affiliate Program.


  • Customers who purchase products and services through the Affiliate Program will be deemed to be customers of the Merchant.
  • The Merchant is not liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this Agreement or the Affiliate Program.
  • The Merchant makes no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the Affiliate Program or the Affiliate’s potential to earn income from the Affiliate Program.
  • This agreement shall all be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom applicable to agreements made and to be performed in the United Kingdom.
  • Affiliate is deemed to have accepted the terms of this Agreement by creating an account that enables Affiliate to participate in the Affiliate Program.

Any Affiliate that is found to break any of the terms set in this agreement will be immediately banned and will forfeit all commissions.

Last Updated

This Affiliate Terms and Conditions was last updated on 5th April 2023.