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After over 13 years we have helped many thousands of people achieve success with affiliate stores. This is a small sample of comments, reviews and testimonials from FreshStore members.

"The first software program that I have bought on the internet that does what it says in the sales info and has excellent after sales support."

Kenneth Newbold Testimonial
Kenneth Newbold
MotorHome Group, Spain

"This is the easiest way to build a great passive income store, on a platform that will still be here and supported 10 years from now."

Keith Sager Testimonial
Keith Sager
PortaPower Pro, USA

"You can go from nothing to a full blown affiliate store in minutes. The support team is great!"

Raymond Knapp Testimonial
Raymond Knapp
Amazon Affiliate, USA

"Within 60 minutes my store was online. Within 48 hours I started getting my first orders."

Glen Rushing Testimonial
Glen Rushing
Amazon Affiliate, USA

"FreshStore is a great product, with a nice community of people, quick support and endless possibilities for additional income. If you can follow the tutorials then you should be well on your way to creating a great site."

Phil Walmsley Testimonial
Phil Walmsley
Toys Canada, Canada

"I knew from the first moment I saw Fresh Store that it was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed. I've already had a sale, and that is with only a few items in my store."

Ian Richardson Testimonial
Ian Richardson
Amazon Affiliate, Australia

"FreshStore offers so many options and the support is the best I've ever received anywhere."

Pauline Barcomb Testimonial
Pauline Barcomb
My Amazing Desserts, USA

"Just want to say big thank you for making this system super easy to follow. Keep up the awesome work!"

Michael Kalinovski Testimonial
Michael Kalinovski
Capari 48 Pty Ltd, Australia

"Just wanted to let people know that these stores DO work! Our first store went live 7 days ago, and in the past few days, we've already received orders for 4 items. I am pretty amazed that it has done so well so quickly."

Alex Dounavis Testimonial
Alex Dounavis
Around Greece, Greece

"I now have several affiliate stores, each of which started generating sales within days or weeks."

Erman Hardiman Testimonial
Erman Hardiman
Nikon Camera Parts, Indonesia

"Great system, easy to use and install. Would recommend it for someone just starting out or a pro. If I can do it, anyone can!"

Joanna Ballard Testimonial
Joanna Ballard
Amazon Affiliate, USA

"Put my site live 30 minutes ago.. posted 3 tweets (only have 3 followers) but, using descriptive hashtags, already have my first sale within 30 minutes!"

Kari Robinson Testimonial
Kari Robinson
Social Marketer, UK

"I had my biggest sale two days ago! The product was $2,875 ... Happy days!"

Nigel Ankin Testimonial
Nigel Ankin
Mobile MLS, UK

"I absolutely love this! Super nicely done! As promised, within seconds, my Flavors Of Wine store is ready! This is the most awesome FreshStore yet! Love It!"

Dave Hobley Testimonial
Dave Hobley
Flavors of Wine, USA

"I love it and the SPEED is amazing!"

Cameron Abel Testimonial
Cameron Abel
Amazon Affiliate, Australia

There is no better way to learn about FreshStore than hearing from real members and their experiences. After over 14 years of experience helping people with their affiliate websites and online projects, we have many comments to share! These testimonials are for FreshStore and the support you receive as a FreshStore member. We are very grateful to all our members for sharing their experiences above.