How Fresh Store Builder became FreshStore

Fresh Store Builder

Our members created over 100,000 stores with Fresh Store Builder, but the platform became dated as technology improved.

When we first launched our Fresh Store platform in 2010, it was initially called Fresh Store Builder. Many people still know our product by this name or the abbreviation FSB.

To be honest, FSB was a bit difficult to learn and required some technical skills including FTP, cPanel, MySQL databases and more. It was a zip file that you installed on your own website hosting or server, but it was complicated for most users and caused a lot of frustration when getting started.

After many successful years, we replaced Fresh Store Builder with a much easier and fully hosted version called Fresh Store Instant. Our members loved this new approach and created more than 100,000 affiliate stores.

Unfortunately, we made some mistakes with our development decisions and hosting platform technology. Ultimately we decided to rewrite the entire platform with a modern, cutting edge cloud hosting approach.

So finally in 2023 we finished recreating the platform from scratch and changed the name to FreshStore. We think it’s cleaner, easier to remember and easier to type!

More importantly, we added premium cloud hosting into FreshStore meaning you no longer have to worry about your own hosting or learning any technical skills. This means FreshStore is now super easy to use, even for absolute beginners!

Our members have already created 1000’s of new stores on our new FreshStore platform. There are some great case studies and examples we are going to publish soon on this website and our social channels.

We also give you the ability to create WordPress websites alongside your stores. This is all managed in a single dashboard with individual control panels for your stores.

FreshStore is available exclusively via this website and there are no longer any files to download or install, like with the old Fresh Store Builder.

We are excited with what the future holds for FreshStore. With this new platform, we can add more exciting features faster and connect to more platforms to promote your stores.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy this new chapter as we migrate from Fresh Store Builder to FreshStore.