Case Studies of Successful Affiliate Stores

FreshStore Showcase

See examples of successful stores and how the affiliate store builder FreshStore works. These real-world examples and case studies are created by our members and team.

We Love Sharks screenshot

We Love Sharks

This store is a great example of how you can use FreshStore to monetize fun and interesting niches. Traffic is generated from social media and Google Search, with over 30,000 monthly visitors.

Sandy Brandes screenshot

Sandy Brandes

Using FreshStore is a great way for influencers and individuals to monetise their personal brand. Sandy uses her store to recommend products she uses and earns commissions from sales.

Hawk250 Motorcycles screenshot

Hawk250 Motorcycles

A store selling motorcycles and motorcycle accessories focused on a specific brand. Traffic and sales are generated mostly from Google Search with motorcycle related keywords.

Playstation 5 Store screenshot

Playstation 5 Store

Turning your personal hobby into an income stream is a classic use of FreshStore affiliate stores. This Playstation 5 store capitalizes on the huge demand for the console.